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Posted by fddblog on August 1, 2013 at 10:19 am. Filed under: Fancy Dress Ideas

Why should fancy dress be a humdrum affair with absolutely no fun or creativity? All too often we rely on the old costume in the closet that is starting to look scary in a way very different than intended! We also tend to leave buying fancy dress products to the very last minute; a sudden realisation that it is now Halloween or the Christmas party and you have nothing to wear apart from the aforementioned horror. At Fancy Dress Delivered we can offer you an entire range of super affordable ladies sexy fancy dress costumes that are of high quality and will do for many Halloweens and parties to come, giving you the right blend of flirtatiousness and fun.

Movie Tie Ins

One of the most enduringly popular types of costume is the super heroine. There is always a lot of fun to be had with a well cut costume that is based around an eminently recognisable franchise such as Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman. Of course, these costumes will be the more desirable, sexier counterparts to the often bland or embarrassing male costumes. There are no underpants on the outside for the girls, just a sexy sleeveless corset top emblazoned with the logo of the heroine in question. We also have a more premium Dark Knight Catwoman costume that brings this unforgettable feline character bang up to date complete with impossibly long thigh high boot tops, gloves, cat ear headpiece and a sensual and seductive eye mask. We also have some of the lesser well known characters if you are really wanting to inject some sex appeal into what is traditionally an area dominated by male interest. Harley Quinn is instantly recognisable to those with a knowledge of the franchise, while those with no idea will be wondering who this intriguing two-tone red and black character is. We also have the more recognisable Poison Ivy Costume too.

Be More Unique

If you’re not much into film tie-ins then we have many costumes that will allow you to express something altogether more unique. Katy Perry has created some very memorable costumes in her time that have helped to sell her music by the truckload. So why not steal her style and get yourself some attention with the California Girl costume? This playful costume is (somewhat ironically) aimed squarely at adults with moulded cupcakes over the chest while the navy shorts have a silver sparkle effect. Couple this with the Blue Katy Perry wig and you are bound to attract looks from everywhere! Similarly themed is the Whipped Cream sexy fancy dress costume with its cream cans attached to the chest while the shorts come with an attached pair of red garters making this outfit ready to go.

Double The Fun

With our fancy dress free delivery you and your partner can make a saving looking sexy with the dashing Couples Navy costume, for those who just love someone in uniform! Alternatively, you can step it up a notch with the Couples White Top Gun costumes for some of that great 80s nostalgia.



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